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Deadly Viral Diseases


Rabies is an acute viral disease which is communicable to all animals including man. Results in death in all cases.

Rabies is communicated to man and other animals through saliva of a rabied dog.

Rabies in dogs can be of:

  • Dumb Form
  • Furious Form

Parvo Virus Disease

Is in many cases a deadly disease. It occurs in all age group of dog, though in pups is more serious.

Parvo Cardiac Disease

In young pups, heart is involved(Mycocardial) in which 100% is the death rate.

Parvo Enteric Form

Occurs in all age groups of dogs in which Vomiting, Diarrhoea, blood loss excessive dehydration and blood loss resulting in death if not treated systematically.


In majority of cases a deadly disease. It is a viral disease and occurs in all age groups of dogs. Young pups are more prone to this disease.

Initially this disease may affect the Respiratory System where Pneumonia like symptoms with fever or intestinal form with vomiting, diarrhoea or blood and fever shall appear.

Later stage symptoms include Nervous System being affected, Paralysis may set in and convulsions occur frequently. Chorea may set in.

In such cases there is no cure and death of the dog is inevitable.

Viral Hepatitis

It is deadly in many cases if not treated properly. Jaundice and Ascites are associated symptoms.


Caused by various types of Pathogenic Serotypes and can cause Kidney damage, jaundice and Haemorrhage.


Is a viral disease and is clinically associated with Nasal discharge and coughing. Secondary infections usually spoil the case.

Canine Corona Virus

This virus causes enteric disease in susceptible dogs of all ages world wide and is highly contagious. Primary symptoms include depression, anorexia, fever, vomiting diarrhoea, blood in stool. If not treated systematically, death occurs due to excessive dehydration.

Points to be noted

  • The pup should be clinically inspected and examined by the VET before vaccination. Only healthy pups need to be vaccinated.
  • The pup after vaccination be kept in the house with normal conditions prevailing earlier and should not be allowed exposure of any kind to avoid infection. The pup should not be subjected to hard exercise, bathing or undue temperature variations upto 15 days. The immunity usually establishes after 15-21 days of vaccination.